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Adrenalİne İs Hİgh on Aqua Fantasy's Newest Rİde!


(Istanbul, Turkey), (26 July 2011) -Just last yearAqua Fantasy Waterpark (Izmir, Turkey) a part of Aqua Fantasy Hotel and Spa built on a 45 acre land, located in Selcuk ancient city, along the Aegean cost, celebrated its 10th year by adding two unique water rides designed, manufactured and installed by Polin, Turkey. This included L-RTM (Light-Resin Transfer Molding) manufactured "Family Rafting Slide" and "Wave Slide"which were perfect additions to the park. Now less than one year later, Aqua Fantasy decided to expand once more and kept Polin as the designer, manufacturer and installer of the new ride.

The new ride especially designed for the park is located in between the two extreme rides that have been added last year. The new ride with dark blue-turquoise color combinations is a fast, surprising, double-tube slide with double uphill portions. The height of the slide is 14.68 meters and length is 131 meters.

"The design of this third slide is a combination of our Rafting Slide and our Uphill Flying Boats. This ride is also very unique because it has 2 uphill portions. The great thing about this design is that it uses the same tower as the previous slides and it works without water jets. This lowers the operating costs of the Waterpark." says Zeynep Canbaz, Senior Architect, Polin.

Muharrem Atilla, Waterpark Manager, Aqua Fantasy adds "The adrenaline is high, people are so happy and the lines are very long. Due to the high amount of excitement that the two slides we added last year brought, we were interested in adding another slide from Polin. We have a great relationship with Polin and they understand our needs. It is amazing to see that once the riders leave the slide there faces are glowing with joy!"

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Photo 1: (General View of the Park) Photo 2: (Polin's New Additions in 2010 and 2011) Photo 3: (New Uphill Polin Ride on the left and Polin's Wave Slide on the Right) Photo 4: (Polin's RTM Manufactured Family Rafting Slide):