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Aqua Toy Cİty Waterpark Complex hosts Polİn Waterslİdes!


Aqua Toy City built on a 13 acre land debuted at Ilica Spa and Wellness Resort in Cesme, Izmir, Turkey in June 2011. Cesme being an exceptional holiday town along the Aegean Sea is 90 kilometers to Izmir city.

Aqua Toy City waterpark offers wide range of attractions to its guests of all ages: Waterslides, kid's water playground, swimming pools&leisure pool located on 4500 sqm area, lazy river and food and beverage services.

Polin from Turkey supplied all the waterslides to the complex. The waterslides range include Polin's Black Hole slide with Natural Light Effects; a multi lane racer slide, Multislide, Polin's Compact Slide with its flexible design configuration and a Giraffe Shower. The design configuration, the appealing color combination attracted interest and this medium sized waterpark proved itself to be one of the most popular in the region this season. All Polin supplied waterslides manufactured with closed molded Resin Transfer Molding technology offer a superior shiny finish on both sides.



Yakup Demir, General Manager of Ilıca Hotel Spa Wellness Resort and Vice President of Cesme Hotel Association said “In the last 5 years, Cesme has grown into an exceptional place with its beautiful beaches, clubs and gum-scented blue sea. In spite of this tremendous growth and popularity, a qualified, complete water park offering family entertainment did not emerge. We observed the need and invested 5 million USD to build the Aqua Toy City. We have worked with world’s best suppliers like Polin, Turkey and Empex, Canada. Aqua Toy City not only highlighted our own facility and enhanced our revenues but added value both economically and socially to Cesme region in general. This surely ended up in increasing occupancy rates

The official web site of the facility can be visited at www.aquatoycity.com