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Izvor Waterpark opened İn Serbİa!


Izvor Waterpark built on an area of 60,000sqm opened in Arandelovac Serbia, September 2011. It is one hour drive from Belgrade. The waterpark relies on the diversity of its waterslides and proved itself to be an attraction center since its opening.

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Polin supplied all the waterslides to the complex. The waterslides range include Polin's Black Hole (56m), Body Slide (96m), Twister (53m), Tunnel Freefall (57m), Rafting Slide and Flying Boats (168m), Turbolance (39m), Multislide (52m), Twister:53m, Black Hole+Flying Boats (168m), Space Boat (98m), Kids Body Slide (24m), Kids Wide Slide (11m), Kids Freefall (11m). The park offers a wide selection of kids play and attractions. Park hosts Octopus Slide, Mini Pirate Slide, Cobra Slide, Rabbit Slide, Mini Rainbow Slide, Clown Shower, Penguin Shower, Dolphin Fountain and Mushroom from Polin’s kid’s water play range.

The official website of the park is http://www.aquapark-izvor.com