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Polİn Introduces Uphİll Multİ Surf!


Polin introduces another expertly engineered configuration: All in One: A multi lane, uphill, thrill slide: Uphill Multisurf. Uphill Multisurf is a multi-lane uphill ride (a rollercoaster-style ride) with which riders uphill on jetted water. The slide can be rode with head first mats suitable for mat racing. The slide has a waterslide path from two up to six lanes. The guests will have a journey full of surprises, they will go down and then up, and when they will say it is over, they will again experience a great ride downwards. At the same time, with this interactive ride, they will enjoy the joy of head to head action. This slide is very suitable for competitions. Hence it will increase the thrill, fun and adrenaline factor in the park. It is important to note that compared to the same class of waterslides in the industry, this slide provides a higher capacity due to its 2 to 6 lane numbers which means 2 to 6 people can ride it at the same time. It is one of the best attractions to share wonderful moments with your family and friends.



Technical Specifications of Uphill Multi Surf

Depth 500 mm (20")
Width 2/3/4/5/6x1000 mm (nx40")
Slope 20/40 %
Capacity 120xn Pers./h
Mats Yes(Head First)
Tubes No
Rafts No
Production Method 1 Spray Up
Finish Dry-Out
Flow Rate nx90 m3/h
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