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Polİn Introduces the Fİrst and the Sİngle RTM Manufactured Famİly Slİde!


Polin added a new slide to its family slides line very recently. F 3000 Rafting Slide. Family Rafting 3000 makes it possible to share entertainment and excitement together with your family. You can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a whole family in one of our 2-4 passenger circular inflatable rafts. The slide path is very exciting. With this excellent ride, the whole family could enjoy the fun of water.

What is so unique with our Family Rafting 3000 Slide?

  • Our Family 3000 slide is the first and the single RTM – Resin Transfer Molding - manufactured family slide in the industry. Please visit our web site at www.polin.com.tr to learn more about the advantages of RTM manufacturing in waterslides.
  • Compared to other family slides, F3000 is more economical while ensuring an exciting, fun and safe ride experience.
  • Thanks to different slope angels, F 3000 offers a more flexible design configuration. It can be in the form of Kamikaze featuring a slide path consisting of "more than just one fall" or in the form of Freefall offering an exciting drop.
  • F 3000 can be combined with our Big Hole (T2800) which is a tunnel slide. Then you can enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide with only one slide. This combination can be applied to anywhere in the slide path in accordance with your request.
  • It is obviously the most aesthetic family slide in the industry with its smooth and perfectly shiny finish on both sides and its newly designed form.

Technical Specifications of Family 3000 Rafting Slide

Depth 900 mm (36")
Width 3000 mm (118")
Slope 10/13 %
Capacity 180x4 Pers./h
Mats No
Tubes No
Rafts Yes
Production Method RTM
Flow Rate 500 m3/h
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