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Polİn Websİte Debuts Wİth New Features


We are pleased to announce that we've updated the Polin web site with a new design at www.polin.com.tr. We've been working to create a site that makes it easy for you to get the latest news but we also wanted it to be entertaining and easier to navigate. So we focused on new design, convenient navigation and relevant content with easier options to analyze product specs and see photos. Plus, we've added social-media apps to make it easier to share. We encourage you to take a look to see what has changed. Turkish, French and Russian versions will follow. We'd appreciate your feedback on our new website. Please share your thoughts!

We hope you enjoy our new look!

Best regards,

Sohret Pakis

Marketing Manager

Important Notice: If you have visited the Polin web site before, please make sure to clear your browser's past cache through the tools menu.Thank you.