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Polİn’s Translucent Compact Slİde at Gold Coast Holİday Park, Australİa!


Compact, Efficient, Affordable, Translucent

Polin delivered a translucent compact slide to The Gold Coast Holiday Park located in Gold Coast city of Australia. The slide was unveiled in December 2011 and it was a collaboration with our representative in Australia, Geoff Leaver/ Swimplexx Company. The blue color compact slide at Gold Coast Holiday Park offers an enriched visual impact through a glassy and shiny finish on both sides.

With the Compact Slide we are able to provide a safe, smooth, compact and an affordable solution. Many have gone on to call it at an engineering miracle due to its special size components which allow it to fit into any type of space. We offer it with translucent RTM technology. The Compact Slide with its benefits of fitting into any space and also built with the latest technology of Translucent RTM, is a great option for waterparks, hotels, resorts, but also for the municipalities that want to improve the activity in a recreational pool and meet the space and budget constraints.

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The facility address:
Gold Coast Holiday Park
66-68 Siganto Drive
Helensvale QLD 4212

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