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The Bİggest Waterpark of Russİa, "Golden Bay Waterpark", Gelİndgİk, Russİa


Golden Bay Waterpark, which is the biggest waterpark of Russia with numerous waterslides supplied by Polin, expanded in 2007 once again with Polin’s waterslides. The waterpark, in the beginning of the summer season of 2007, installed Polin's TurboLance and Magic Hole Rides at an exit tower of 10,40m and 10,00m, respectively.

TurboLance gives the riders pleasure of feeling high adrenaline and having exteme fun while Magic Hole pleases the riders who want to have fun in group of up to 4 persons on a closed tube slide in elliptical shape. Both rides added a lot of value to the waterpark and turned to be the most popular rides in the summer season of 2007 just like Polin’s other rides in the waterpark in the previous seasons.

TurboLance and Magic Hole are not the only waterslides which Golden Bay added into the waterpark for the summer season of 2007. In addition, Golden Bay considered little kids and designed for them a new circular play zone with diameter of 24m and added in the center of that zone 6 waterslides departing from an exit tower of 3,30m in the beginning of the summer season of 2007. Just like popularity of TurboLance and Magic Hole, the new kid play zone also turned to be very popular among children in the waterpark in a short period of time and the waterpark continued to increase number of its visitors with its new waterslides in this season, too.

Being the biggest waterpark in Russia and having Polin’s so many waterslides, Golden Bay is continuing to remain as the biggest and most entertaining waterpark with the newest attractions in Russia!