Differentiate with Thematization!

Today, we can say that tourism mobility and customer audience consisting of families increased especially in the post-pandemic period. The number of attractions is increasing every day against this increasing service demand. The high number of businesses brings competition among the facilities. The businesses that want to offer more alternatives to their customers try to add services to make a difference and attract families.

People who want to have a good time on holiday care about spending quality and entertaining time as well as relaxing. The businesses where children have safe spaces to play and have fun are preferred by the families more. The children can spend an amazing time and socialize in waterslide areas away from their families.

At Polin Waterparks, we closely follow the developments and trends in the amusement industry and we know the desires and the direction of the increasing demand among the park visitors.  We design catchy and needed products in line with this demand. While we lead the industry with thematization which is one of the trends today, we also create value for the businesses that look for a differentiating factor. In addition to high sliding experience, adrenaline and competition, a story and theme of a product make this exciting experience more meaningful. We proved that with King Cobra which was the first self-themed water slide we have launched in the industry. King Cobra has a ground-breaking design with visual impact as well as the sliding experience and this waterslide became one of the indispensable options for designers, parks and visitors as the waterslides became a part of the story.

Polin’s state-of-art product “U-texture” offers unlimited options for the thematization needs of the industry with its applicability to all slides. And now, Stingray that is a high-capacity and self-themed slide that reveals the things you can do with “U-texture” giving the entertainment and visuality together that the industry has been waiting for a long time. One of the biggest properties that distinguish Stingray from other slides is that it is a product that each visitor will want to experience numerous times with the lanes that bring a unique sliding experience together. 

Stingray promises to dive into an exciting experience to the depths of the underwater world with its unique look.