Future is Green, So are we!

The agreement accepted by all countries in the Paris Conference organized by the United Nations at the end of 2015 decided to limit global warming by 2 degrees by the end of 100 years. With the current policy standards, it is estimated that this increase will reach 2.7°C by the end of 2100. As a firm with the first certified R&D center in our industry, we have accelerated our efforts to decrease carbon emissions for a more livable world. Our vision is for Polin Waterparks to have zero-emission in terms of products and services for a sustainable world. 

As the global market leader in our industry and pioneer in innovation, we offered the closed mold manufacturing technology, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) which is the first step of the more sustainable water slide manufacturing in 2006 to our industry. We are proud of the services and innovation we provide to our industry and we aim to sustain our pioneer identity

11 Steps We Take for a More Sustainable World and Environmentally Friendly Parks

2006 - Using RTM Process in Waterslide Manufacturing

2007 - Spray up Slide Insulation for Low Energy Consumption

2008 - Eco-Friendly Material Development

2009 - New Portable Machine Room Development (Easytainer)

2010 - Energy Efficient Wave Pools and Rivers System 

2013 - Completing RTM Line & New Factory Investments

2015 - Robotic Cutting Cells & Shedder Investments

2016 - Robotic Gelcoat Line

2018 - Fully Automatic Mold Machine Investments

2019 - Sustainability Project Branding (BRIGHT)

2021 - Launching BRIGHT (Low Emission Product Line & Solutions)

Under our BRIGHT project, we undertake to achieve a sustainable future for entertainment facilities with our experience and innovative solutions such as engineering solutions for sustainable facilities, integrated services for energy and water intelligence, consultancy services towards net-zero emissions, and green operation and monitoring services. Carbon-free entertainment parks will continue to be our priority for our future and our world. 

The future is green, so are we! We will be a part of a greener world with you!