Technologies that lead the industry

Polin Waterparks create excellent entertainment centers by handling all manufacturing processes such as amusement park design, manufacturing, and operation. We take innovation and technology at the heart of what we do to take amusement parks even further and we name ourselves as “Technology Leader” in the industry with our innovations. Our R&D investments and experienced team are behind this unique success. We are proud to be the first firm with an official R&D Centre Certificate in our industry. 

We pioneered to use of Light Resin Transfer Moulding (L-RTM) which is commonly used in the aviation and defense industry by our waterslide manufacturers in 2006. We are the first waterslide manufacturer around the world to use L-RTM technology in manufacturing and we globally changed the waterslide manufacturing technology. This way we manufactured environmentally friendly waterslides with shiny and smooth surfaces on both sides. We became a worldwide brand with this ground-breaking innovation in the industry.

We continued our successful projects with Natural Light Effects, Special Pattern Effects, Thematization, Natural Sound Effects and translucent options that are patented and can be used in all products. Polin Waterparks sets quality, innovation and technology as an important milestone from the first day of establishment and opened a new path for futuristic parks by developing new surface applications with different materials such as Glitter, Granite, Graffiti, Vintage, Mosaic, Triangulated, Wood’n Slide, Reflection and Honey Comb. These were distinctive applications with designers and operators that support thematization and storytelling with trends that gain importance in today’s world.

Polin Waterparks manage to have its name written with golden letters to the waterslide industry by differentiating itself from global competitors with 45 years of successful projects and leading innovations. One of the important proofs of this success was that our company was awarded 2016 the World Waterpark Association “Leading Edge Award” which is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

We introduced the first completely transparent composite waterslide to the industry in 2018 as a result of our innovation efforts. Fully transparent composites waterslide which is an important development not just in waterpark manufacturing but also in the composite industry brought a brand-new alternative to acrylic solutions in terms of durability, price, performance, quality, and functionality. We always aim to offer better solutions to our customers and widen their imaginations as a brand with experience in the entertainment world with composite material development efforts. 

We believe that each park has a unique story, atmosphere, and attraction for visitors. Therefore, we introduced unlimited pattern and story-creating options in 2020 with UTEXTURE technology which we integrated into our manufacturing process after our R&D efforts by considering the customization needs that are highlighted in every aspect of our lives. 

Since the expectations of the entertainment world increased after the pandemic, UTEXTURE and GLASSY attracted attention both from our customers and park visitors. Today, these applications are integrated into numerous waterslides to increase the number of visitors. This visual feast that also has a huge impact on the promotion of the parks contributes to these parks that aim to grow. 

There is no limit to what you can do with the largest product range and waterslide innovations in Polin Waterparks. All you need to do is contact us to learn about what we can do for you.