If you want to experience a short and a fast ride, choose Aquatube. With an 825 mm radius, Aquatube is a relatively fast slide compared to the Tunnel Body Slide. The visual and auditory effects can be planned and added to create a visual harmony that your guests will never forget. Tunnel Body Slide is the one with the Ø1200 mm radius and it is for those who like smoother enjoyable rides. If you prefer longer but a slower ride, try the Tunnel Body Slide.


Depth : 825 / 900 mm (33/36 in) Width : 825 / 900 mm (33/36 in) Slope : 10/20 % Capacity : 180/240 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : 120 m3/h (528 USGPM)