COMPACT SLIDE offers a safe, smooth, comfortable, compact, and affordable waterslide. An engineering miracle… A truly compact design… Our design and engineering teams have proven themselves once again by creating a Compact Slide with special angles and radius components that allow it to fit into even the smallest of pool spaces. What is unique about Polin’s Compact Slide is that it provides maximum room for riders of almost all ages and sizes. It does not matter if your pool area is narrow or small, the Compact Slide will fit. If you have a pool with limited pool area, our Compact Slide will add a great value to your place. Your guests will have a great time, and you will enjoy the easy operation and maintenance of a Compact Slide.


Depth : 600 mm (24 in) Width : 900 mm (36 in) Slope : 13/16 % Capacity : 180 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : 120 m3/h (528 USGPM)