It is a single and/or double rider tube bowl slide. The combination of maximum speed and eccentric force is perfect for thrill-seekers. The attraction has a unique look with its specially designed plate on one side.

  • Unique ride with single and double tubes around the large plate with perfect safety
  • High capacity ride
  • A truly thrilling slide with an extraordinary sliding trajectory
  • Center of attention with moderate size
  • Visual, auditory, foggy effects available as optional
  • “Natural Light Effects” and “Natural Sound Effects” system applicable

Depth : 9000 mm ( 30 ft) Width : 8300 mm (27 ft) Height : 1700 mm (5.5 ft) Capacity : 240x2 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : 120 m3/h (528 USGPM) Flow rate (Bowl) : 100 m3/h (440 USGPM)