WINDIGO is a sophisticated, thrill ride that begins with enclosed aquatubeslides that transform into high-speed multi-racer lanes. Windigo, a high-speed mat racer slide, can be ridden standard or head-first, and has quatriple, sextuple, and octuple options. Windigo has indoor and outdoor installation options and even an indoor outdoor combination. With multi-color options and combinations according to the client needs, Windigo offers a visual feast for the patrons of your park. Flexibility with the design allows Kamikaze or Freefall options for the multi-racer part of the slide. This stunning and gorgeous slide is compatible with any theming. As a high capacity ride, it will help manage a park’s queues. This award winning high-end design and engineering ride from Polin proved itself to be the center of attraction at any waterpark.


Depth : 825 mm (33 in) / 650 mm (26 in) Width : 825 mm (33 in) / nx900 mm (nx35 in) Slope : 10/40 % Capacity : 150x lane Riders/h Exit : Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : nx90 m3/h (nx396 USGPM)