The First-Ever Waterslidewith A Built-In Story Fully Themed Finally, You Can Immerse Waterpark Guests in A Truly Amazing Adventure

Every detail in the design of the Stardust Waterslidesupports its mysterious story and delivers guests on a daring journey. Using a unique, streamlined geometry, the expertly engineered waterslide allows guests to impacttheir journey throughout its ellipses and orbits. Guests’ weight and movement directly affect their raft’s speed and course along the slide’s path, delivering endless alternativesas they approach the drop section. The result is a journey so unexpected that, as guests exit the ride, they will be consumed with an urgent desire to start the adventure anew.

  • Custom-branded designs
  • Limitless path alternatives
  • Family-friendly adventuring
  • High capacity via a 4-person raft
  • Open and fully enclosed routes
  • Illumination options with LEDs
  • Special effects featuring lasers and fog
  • Alternative theming possibilities
  • Strong visual impact
  • Stunning spectator appeal
  • Indoor installation availability
  • Choice of conveyor or tower

Capacity : 180x4 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out