WIDE SLIDE offers a smooth ride while ensuring safety and enjoyment your customers can count on. Of our Wide Slides, Flying Carpet and Rainbow are the most popular. Flying Carpet is a unique slide to Polin, onto which we can place any custom gel coat design. Although most park owners prefer the traditional carpet design; we are able to add any logo, park name, mascot figure, or design onto the surface of this slide. The Rainbow Slide is of the same form as the Flying Carpet Slide with the beautiful rainbow form. This special design creates one of the most alluring and distinctive slides, and adding a Rainbow Slide to your park will attract new customers and clients like a pot of gold.


Depth : 500 mm (20 in) Width : 2250 / 3000 / 4000 mm (79/87/118/158 in) Slope : 20/40 % Capacity : 180x2 / 180x2 / 180x3 Riders/h Exit : Pool or Run-Out Flow rate (Start) : 40 m3/h (176 USGPM) / 60 m3/h (264 USGPM) /80 m3/h (352 USGPM)